gratifying super sonderangebote borkum


gratifying super sonderangebote borkum

grat•i•fy /ˈgrætəˌfaɪ/USA pronunciation v., -fied, -fy•ing. to give pleasure to (a person or persons): [~ + object]Her praise gratified us all.[It + ~ + object + that . grat•i•fy•ing /ˈgrætəˌfaɪɪŋ/USA pronunciation adj. giving pleasure or satisfaction:gratifying news.[It + be + ~ + to + verb]It is gratifying to see so many of you. gratify (third-person singular simple present gratifies, present participle gratifying, simple past and past participle gratified). (transitive) To please. (transitive) To . Gratifying definition is - giving pleasure or satisfaction : pleasing. How to use gratifying in a sentence. gratify meaning, definition, what is gratify: to make someone feel pleased and satisfi.: Learn more.

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