wonderful sprinkler zone not working hunter


wonderful sprinkler zone not working hunter

23 ก.พ. 2553 - Sprinkler System Running After Controller Unplugged. . You'll need to locate your valve box(es) and turn the solenoid(s) clockwise until snug. Choose from the links below for troubleshooting your PRO-C controller. . Flashing Sprinkler Icon, No Zones Running; System Not Turning in Auto; Pro-C Solar . If the valve opens and sprinklers turn on, your valve is working and you'll need to check the controller and field wiring. If the valve did not turn on any of the . If the sprinklers do not turn on you may have a valve shut down that supplies the irrigation system. If the sprinklers come on, you may have a wiring problem at . A fix to the problem can be to open the shut off valve counterclockwise. . partially closed or closed valve will reduce the water the sprinklers, causing them to not . Do-it-yourself solutions to irritating irrigation problems. Next Project› . The controller sends a signal to the control valves in the control valve box. The valves open, sending . Similar Projects. 17 Great Tips for Landscaping Your Backyard. 17 ต.ค. 2554 - On the surface, many irrigation service calls seem alike, as customers often complain . 'Problems can also be caused by two or more zones working together, causing the . 'Sometimes the pressure is not that great,' he says.

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